Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sundance Film Festival 2013 Summary

Hokey smokes! I'm going to the Sundance Film Festival!!! From January 17 - 26, 2013 I'll be freezing my walnuts off in Park City, Utah watching a shitload of movies and hanging out with people who want to hang out with movie stars.

The plan is to update the blog daily for those 10 days on everything I watch. I'm sure it ain't all going to be pretty but it'll be one helluva time. Look for updates to occur at the end of each day.

Day 0 - Arrival & Cocktails!
Day 1 - Opening night, cocktails, movie and dinner with Robert Redford!
Day 2 - Beatniks, Porn & Son-Swapping Horny Moms
Day 3 - El Mariachi with Robert Rodriguez, Bitches!
Day 4 - Steve Coogan & Hell Babies
Day 5 - THE WAY WAY BACK - best flick so far
Day 6 - Science, Good Girls & Deep Throatin'
Day 7 - Gay Sex, Divorce Is Funny & Booze
Day 8 - Maciste, Surreal Disney World and Revenge, Western Style!
Day 9 - Ramblin' Horror
Day 10 - It's over

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