Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sundance Film Festival Day 6

Tuesday, January 22

Not much sleep last night, maybe 5.5 hours.  That's alright.  It's for a good cause.  Today started off with a program of several short films which, as expected, was a mixed bag of good and not so good.  I took a break from watching movies for a little while to catch a panel on science and the movies which was fun and interesting.  The panel consisted of Paula Apsell (senior executive producer of NOVA), Jon Amiel (director of the Charles Darwin film, CREATION), Scott Burns (writer of CONTAGION), Dr. Andre Fenton and Dr. Lisa Randall (both super smart science-y types, LOL).  I really enjoyed that.

Next I was off to a two-fer at the Eccles Theatre with the not so hot VERY GOOD GIRLS (I think my testosterone levels were too high to enjoy this one) and LOVELACE, a dark film about Linda Lovelace, the star of DEEP THROAT.  After that it was back to the house to type this up.

Except for the Q&A folks, I did spot Jennifer Carpenter (Deb on DEXTER) in the audience at the premiere of LOVELACE and scrummy Jamie Lee Curtis at the premiere of VERY GOOD GIRLS.

Tomorrow it's INTERIOR: LEATHER BAR (sounds like fun), A.C.O.D. (which has super-cutie, Amy Poehler) and ending the day with BIG SUR (about Jack Kerouac).

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