Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sundance Film Festival Day 10

Saturday, January 26 (Yeah, I know I'm posting this incredibly late)

I’m really bummed out I’ve come to the final day of my trip.  Fortunately, the last movie was a good one, IN A WORLD…. Afterward, I zip lined for the first time and in the snowy mountains.  It was fun but it kind of blows because it’s only a few seconds at a pop.  I did the short run, then a much longer run and the short run again.  The total time for the three was probably 1 minute of fun.  At least the scenery was beautiful, the weather was nice and I burned a few calories for all the walking uphill and downhill in the snow.  In total it was a two hour excursion.  I suppose there are worse ways I could have dropped fifty bucks.

After hanging out at the house finishing reviews it was time for dinner and then the Sundance awards party.  Dinner was a joke (not at Sundance but at a regular restaurant).  $28 just for the entrée ($10 more for the salad).   It was at an expensive looking Italian restaurant.  I ordered rosemary garlic chicken.  The portion was tiny and I could have made that at home without much effort. 

And the awards party?  Only a select few were able to go to the actual awards ceremony.  What we attended was the party that followed.  Meh.  The highlight was getting to meet two of the lead actors from ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW, Roy Abramsohn and Elena Schuber.  They were very friendly.  I expressed my concern that I will never get to see it again as I’m sure the Disney lawyers will see to that.  They were pretty confident that the film would find a home on DVD.  That’s a relief. 

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