Thursday, March 5, 2015

YAY! The tits (and kooch and ass and dick) can stay!!!

A couple of weeks ago Google announced that on 3/23 nudity is not allowed on Blogger (except for educational purposes et al).  This blog can't survive without the occasional nudity (gratuitous or otherwise) and my only choice was to move to my own domain and do a complete re-haul of what you see and what I do (it was (is going to be) all for the better).  I guess Google got slammed with lots of bitching and negative backlash and today they have reversed their decision and they've decided to leave things as they are.  That's great news but it's also a wake-up call to still plan on eventually moving everything to my own domain and do things the way I want without fear of someone else deciding they don't like the boobs and shut me down.

So what's been going on?  I've been busy as shit working on this and that to the point that I'm beat as hell.  My movie watching has slowed down a little but that small stack of flicks to review has turned into three HUGE stacks.  I'm way behind.  Anyway, I hope to have something up soon but I was so relieved about not having to deal with the daunting task of starting a new site and transferring almost 3,000 reviews (with pictures and video) that I just had to speak out.  For those of you near the back who were yelling for me to bring back the greatest side-boob in the history of side-boobs, here you go...