Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dr. Christina of Sweden (1970)

Director: Nick Millard

Starring: Uschi Digard, Anna Travers, Jane Tsentas, Linda York, Donna Young

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Plot: The stunning and voluptuous "Dr. Christina" writes sex-related stories and columns for a Swedish tabloid. Sent to France by the newspaper and thrilled by her first taste of Paris, Dr. Christina's first task is to interview French young people about their opinions on sex in the age of Free Love. She quickly learns that actions speak louder than words the moment she happens upon an eager young couple in the throes of non-stop lovemaking. Turned on by her voyeurism and the prospects for a great news story, Christina herself is primed for some action. That night finds her feverishly dreaming of an ultra-erotic encounter between two women sporting kinky lingerie, eager tongues and probing fingers. The following day Christina roams the boulevards of Paris hot for sensual satisfaction. Will a café performance featuring two lesbians that mirrors her previous night's dreams be enough to satiate her?

My rating: 4/10

Will I watch it again? No.

#13 on the Uschi Digard Needs to Have My Babies Project

How do you say 'derp' in French?

I know what to expect going into these kinds of pictures - boring sex scenes, lame dialogue and groovy music.  Dr. Christina is the only voice you hear and she's essentially narrating her sexy trip to Paris.  Most of it is silly but it's sometimes fun.

Within 61 minutes, this picture delivers three hardcore sex scenes.  The first is between a guy and a girl and the other two are a pair of lesbians (each with a different couple).  They consist of the usual excess of kissing and caressing but stopping short of delivering the goods.  The final scene features my hot girlfriend, Uschi Digard.


I only sat through this to get to her scenes.  There's an awful lot of shots of Dr. Christina walking around Paris, talking to herself.  Those are actually kind of neat if seeing 43 year old footage of Paris does anything for you.  I dug it, and I dig these cans, too...

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