Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Ramrodder (1969)

Director: Van Guylder

Starring: Roger Gentry, Kathy Williams, Robert Aiken, Julia Blackburn, David Rosenkranz, Catherine Share, Kedric Wolfe, Bobby Beausoleil, Marsha Jordan

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Tagline: All the More Blatant in Color!

Plot: Cowpoke Rick, THE RAMRODDER, falls in love with Indian maiden Tuwana the moment he sees her skinny-dipping with the other perfectly shaped women of her tribe. Before you can say "Geronimo," the two quickly get acquainted by rolling around like tumbleweed. But as they make love, a toothless trail bum attacks Cochina, the tribal Chiefs daughter. The Indians blame Rick, go on the warpath, and kidnap Lucy, Rick’s pre-Tuwana girlfriend, who eases tensions with a campfire strip show. Tuwana eventually sets things right but only after she’s whipped, virgin-tested, and falls into the arms of a sapphic-lovin’ squaw.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? Ya know, I think I would but with friends.

If you watched the trailer you know exactly what you're in for.  This is exploitation like you've never seen it before.  As you can see it's a Western but it's actually a decently produced one.  Forget that all of the Indians are obvious-without-concern whites.  Forget that this has virtually wall to wall nudity.  Forget that this is a pretty good looking film.  They're actually trying to tell a story here and it works.  I'm not saying it's going to stand next to the great Westerns of its era but it's got one thing NONE of those pictures has...

Yes, they're having a nipple fight; just like the ones they had in the Old West.  It's still the best way to settle disputes.

WOW!  The babes in this picture are unreal.  And it stars my girlfriend, Kathy Williams.  Last night we watched her in SUBURBAN PAGANS (1968) but she was only in it for a couple of minutes toward the end and she didn't have any lines.  In THE RAMRODDER she's the star of the show and she shows 'em off!

What a bod!  Who cares that she couldn't act?  That's one thing I love about this broad.  Have you seen the AMAZING flick THE BABYSITTER (1969)?  It's off the charts amazing.  Compared to that one she's doing a pretty decent job in this one.  I was really surprised that I lasted the entire picture without getting bored.  This was some fun exploitation.  The Something Weird Video DVD release comes with a shitload of Western themed exploitation shorts and trailers as well as second feature film, REVENGE OF THE VIRGINS (1960).  Can't wait to dig into it.

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