Friday, January 25, 2013

Sundance Film Festival Day 9

Now I'm really getting bummed out.  It's winding down.  After a nice and relaxing morning, I hit the surreal and not-completely-sure-what-the-hell-I-watched, THE RAMBLER at 2:30 and at 7 it was the ONLY horror movie (there are only two playing out of 65 films) I will have seen here, IN FEAR, and it was pretty good.  I'm back at the house writing up some movies nursing two fingers of bourbon.

I did get to meet Sam Elliott slumming it as a Sundance volunteer.

Just kidding.

I'm also getting a little bummed about only having one more movie left.  At 9 AM it's IN A WORLD....  After that I'm going to zipline down the snow-covered mountain, finish up the reviews and get ready for the awards party at 9:30.  Then it's over.  All over.  I need a drink.

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