Monday, June 17, 2013

60's Go-Go Chicks Volume 4

Plot: If you miss the strip joints and go-go bars that were so prevalent on Main Street, USA, then this tape is for you! See again all those way-out gals letting hang out in this new compilation of the best go-go footage from the sleazy 60’s. 2 hours of go-go run! Do the nudie watusi. 

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again? YES!

4 volumes down (vol 1, vol 2 & vol 3) and 3 more to go.  I think this might be my favorite volume so far.  It's got more great stuff than usual.  It starts off with some tame go-go dancing (clothed) and gets better as it goes.

Here's one of my favorites on this disc...

How about some groovy tunes by Charlie Daniels (I'm sure it's a different CD)?

Back to boobs...


That's better.

No, THIS is better!  This next one's my second favorite.

Hey, there, Sexy!


Looks like she's up to some monkey business.

And here's the best of the bunch.  
I'm so in love with this broad.
She needs to have my babies!

I have a great appreciation for people who have talents of any kind and that broad (above) was friggin' amazing with those tassles.  I'm sincere in saying it's worth $70 for the set of 7 DVDs ($10 each if buying seperately) for this routine alone.  It's only 5 minutes but it's 5 minutes of sheer amazement!

Here's a Hollywood party (yeah, right).

This next one has hilarious narration talking about a service where housewives can learn to dance to please their man!  The black out lines on her face are classic!

The pro first shows how it's done...

Now it's Mrs. Beaver's turn...

Almost, baby, almost.  Gonna need some practice.

Another favorite...

This last one was really bizarre with lots of fucked up imagery and some groovy psychedelic music.

I've gotta say, this series of clips from various films put out by Something Weird Video is an awful lot of fun.  It's fun to watch, watch in the background (the wildly varying audio (music, narration, dialogue, etc) is great to just listen to) or better still to put on during a party for background AV.  I highly recommend heading over to their website and pick up the series or at least this volume. 

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