Monday, June 3, 2013

Crime Scene Clean-Up (200?)

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Plot: This is an interesting documentary about the small industry which has in recent years arose to deal with the aftermath of messy crime scenes.  When someone is murdered, or commits suicide, or simply dies and rots all over the floor, the cops sure as shit don't clean it up.  Most municipalities don't take any responsibility for this at all, actually.  They usually just tell the next of kin to do the job themselves.  That's where the human vultures come in.  They saw an opportunity in the market and jumped on it.  This documentary follows one such company in New York City, led by an ex-paramedic who specialize in particularly nasty and contaminated scenes.  We follow him from various scenes as he and his crew clean them up.  It's an interesting look at a world many of us don't realize exists.

My rating: 7/10

Will I watch it again? Nah.

What a fascinating documentary.  It's amazing that of all of the governmental departments in crime there isn't one to deal with clean up.  This 45 minute TV doc tells all kinds of grisly stories about how violent crime scenes (with lots of blood and bits) are sometimes left for many months before an outside company is hired (usually by a relative of the deceased) to clean everything up and dispose of the remains.  The film is very informative and interesting and it's not spoken slowly like some are.  I hope I never have to call these guys for anything.  Geez.

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