Saturday, September 3, 2011

60's Go-Go Chicks Volume 3

Plot: If you miss the strip joints and go-go bars that were so prevalent on Main Street, USA, then this tape is for you! See again all those way-out gals letting hang out in this new compilation of the best go-go footage from the sleazy 60’s. 2 hours of go-go run! Do the nudie watusi.

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again? It's possible.

3 volumes down (vol 1 & vol 2) and 4 more to go. Like the others, this one's got its ups and downs but mostly downs. For instance, the first 28 minutes (!!!) has some great generic looking band rockin' & rollin' while people twist and cut up the dance floor, eventually leading to a couple of the girls doing a little striptease number.

Did you read the part where this shit goes on for 28 fucking minutes? It's not an easy thing to get through but there are some gems. Meet Mora, the Bahama Mama!

Her scene is all too brief. And then there's...

We're really going places now!

But my favorite bits in this volume...

I'm a sucker for some good belly dancing!

It's the girl on the couch working that ass that gets my attention. And we can't forget the Nudie Watusi!

If you dig this kind of stuff, head on over to and search for "60's Go-Go Chicks". They've got all 7 volumes for only $38.95. It's a great deal for 14 hours of cool.

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