Friday, January 18, 2013

The Return of Josey Wales (1986)

Director: Michael Parks

Starring: Michael Parks, Rafael Campos, Everett Sifuentes, Suzie Humphreys, John William Galt, Charles McCoy, Joe Kurtzo, Paco Vela, Robert Magruder, Benita Faulkner, Charles Escamilla, Arturo R. Tamez Jr., Manuel Valdez

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Tagline:  Legend has it he lives.

Plot: In this Western drama, some friends of gunfighter Josey Wales (Parks, who also directed) are killed South of the border, so he heads to Mexico to confront a crooked local chief of police and get a good buddy out of jail. After Josey arrives, he manages to free an Apache woman and two inmates, as well as his friend Ten Spot. But soon the going gets rougher for everyone concerned.

My rating: 4/10

Will I watch it again? No.

I haven't given it much thought but I think that the Western is the only genre where I will literally watch any movie.  I've traveled the American West a few times and even lived in the middle of it for a short time and I'm looking forward to going back someday to stay for good.  I'll also watch anything Michael Parks does.  And here we are.

If you're going to watch this you cannot associate this in any way with the Clint Eastwood masterpiece, THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES (1976).  Michael Parks is no Eastwood but he is Michael Parks and that's enough for me.  He's pretty laid back and reminiscent of Earl McGraw from Rodriguez and Tarantino's pictures and I like how he's a thinking man's gunslinger.  He's always calculating his next move as well as his adversaries'.  And that's about all I liked about it.  Some of the acting is over the top (I'm looking at you Everett Sifuentes and Robert Magruder) but it was fun to watch Parks do his lazy speak.  The contemporary country music didn't work for me and the ending feels abrupt and clumsy.

Best line of the movie? The prostitute, Rose, says about a sorry excuse for a man (I forget the character's name she's referring to), "His mama should have hit him on the head when he was born and sold the milk."

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