Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sweetwater (2013)

Director: Logan Miller

Starring: Ed Harris, January Jones, Jason Isaacs, Eduardo Noriega, Jason Aldean, Stephen Root

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Plot: Against the backdrop of the American Old West, newlyweds Miguel and Sarah struggle to make a living cultivating their small patch of land. Soon a much bigger struggle arises as powerful landowner and community preacher Prophet Josiah makes a play for their property. As he launches his diabolical plot to take their land, an eccentric big-city sheriff comes to town. Things soon go from bad to worse, culminating in a jaw-dropping, hell-hath-no-fury showdown.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again? Yes!

OK, I'm a sucker for a Western and this it the ONLY Western at Sundance this year.  A film in this genre doesn't have to be great for me to dig it.  Give me some gorgeous scenery and some gun play and I'm A-OK.  I haven't given it much thought but this might have been my most anticipated film of the festival because it's a Western and it's got a great cast.  I knew bupkiss about the story.  I don't need one.

SWEETWATER has got some great performances.  Ed Harris is having a ball and you will, too, when you see it.  This is definitely going to get picked up and make it's way to your town.  I sure as hell hope it makes it to mine.  Anyway, the cast is great and even though it hits on a few Western cliches, the film makers handle them differently.  The biggest issue I have is the lack of motivation for Prophet Joseph (Isaacs).  He's a very bad man and he mentions how God spoke to him or something but it felt like we needed someone to give us a little more exposition to fully understand his motives or at least how he got to the mental state he's in.  He's a mean sumbitch.

Other than that, I was liking the movie OK until the final act and then I went fucking apeshit insane for it.  Fuck me with a Commodore 64.  It's off the charts.  Bodies all over the place.  And the ending is splendid.  Man, that shit got crazy.  Oh, and I can't leave without saying what a wonderful job January Jones did.  It's such a treat to see a strong role for a woman in a Western and one that's not just a badass but one that is real and 3 dimensional.  I'm impressed.  I cannot wait to drag my friends to the theater when this one hits.  Can't wait.

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