Friday, January 25, 2013

Sundance Funny

I've seen a lot of movies here at the Sundance Film Festival and, as independent films go, there are a few of them that have nudity.  One thing I noticed early on is whenever there is an actress that gets nude (and mostly a popular actress that hasn't done or rarely does a nude scene) there is inevitably some guy (I didn't pay attention enough to see if it's the same person or just a random dude) in the audience that asks (the actress) during the Q&A with the cast and crew, something along the lines of, "What was the hardest part of making the film?" or "What were the biggest challenges you had with this role?".  You and I know damn well what they're getting at.  The response these people (and, yeah, I'm going there with "these people") want to hear her say, "Taking my clothes off."

Am I missing something here?  I suppose there are people that get off on hearing that or maybe trying to get the actress to feel uncomfortable.  So after seeing this happen easily 3 or 4 times this week, I bring it up in conversation with people I'm in line with, sitting next to, friends, whomever.   Last night was the world premiere of SWEETWATER, a Western with January Jones, Ed Harris and Jason Isaacs.  I told that story to a couple of friends of mine before the movie to kill some time and to make small talk. The movie starts.  At some point January Jones had no clothes on.  I leaned over  to my friend and said "I bet you the fourth question's going to be about this scene."  Sure as shit, the fourth question was to Jones about what her toughest scene to shoot was.  Classic.  And just like the other actresses, she didn't mention the nude scene.  Classy.

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