Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Overdose of Degradation (1970)

Director: Jerry Abrams

Starring: Anna Travers, Laurel Sommers, Larry Jaffe, Arthur Loring, Zachary Strong

More info: IMDb

Plot: While at the park, Jenny has a flashback of being molested as a child.  She then has a flashback of a man biting her, and has fantasies about a girl and eating the bathroom counter.  Then, still at the park, she has a flashback of being  raped.  This scene seems to go on and on as she helplessly cries and the editor flashes to shots of rocks and streams (did I mention the flashbacks?).  A friend finds Jenny unconscious.  She takes Jenny home and molests her.   Jenny, still unconscious, has flashbacks of flashbacks, while having a flashback.  Jenny regains consciousness, beats her friend with a stick, then goes into the kitchen and cooks some eggs.  The end.

My rating: 3/10

Will I watch it again? Not with your dick.

The title sold me.  I had to have it.  Now I have to give it away.  Woof.  Read the plot and that's all you need to know about this softcore gem.  What's that?  She was molested as a child in the park?  And she liked it?

The fuck?  That's just the first couple of minutes, Man.  They don't waste any time.  They've only got an hour to squeeze in all kinds of shit.

It didn't take 60 minutes for me to get through it, though.  I confess.  The sex, nay, fondling scenes were so dull I had to hit the fast forward button after getting the gist of each one a couple of minutes in.  After it was over I sat there...motionless...trying to soak it all in.  It turns out that every man and woman she came in contact with at the park abused her in some fashion.  But she still likes parks.  Too bad you weren't at that park 43 years ago 'cause you could've had a crack at her.  Her parting words were if you should come across her at the park, all you have to do is be a gentleman and say 'please' and she's all yours.  Come on...

you know you want it!  Excuse me while I leash up the dog and hit the park.  I'm sure she's not there still but wouldn't it be interesting if she were?

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