Monday, January 7, 2013

The Amateurs (2005)

Director: Michael Traeger

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Tim Blake Nelson, Joe Pantoliano, Ted Danson, William Fichtner, Patrick Fugit, John Hawks, Brad William Henke, Dawn Didawick, Glenne Headly, Lauren Graham, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Isaiah Washington, Steven Weber, Valerie Perrine, Judy Greer, Eileen Brennan, Brad Garrett

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Tagline: Not your average adult movie.

Plot: Citizens of a small town, under the influence of a man in the midst of a mid-life crisis, come together to make an adult film.


My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Sure, why not?

THE AMATEURS starts off all likable and stuff with some amusing narration by Bridges, introducing the characters of the film.  Normally this type of thing subsides and the picture would fall into not-so-interesting-land.  Bridges and everyone else keep the funny moving all the way until the end.  This is hilarious.  I was laughing all the way.  There is no nudity (no surprise there) and I love how the handle the subject so innocently.  The supporting cast is hilarious with Fichtner taking the laugh-out-loud cake (Danson is a riot, too).  The scene where he tells Bridges and Nelson why he wants to be involved and how is at first hilarious and then kind of sad.  You don't expect emotion to creep into a scene like that.  This guy's REALLY good!  Anyway, I really enjoyed this flick.  It's worth it just for the ensemble cast but it brings the funny and the heart with it.

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