Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sleazy Rider (1973)

Director: Roger Gentry

Starring: Jody Bishop, Roger Gentry, Penny Boran, Starlyn Simone, Becky Sharpe

More info: IMDb

Plot: A sheriff harasses a biker gang passing through town and they decide to get even.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? Yeah, if for no other reason than to just to show it to unsuspecting victims.

This is pure 70s sleaze, ladies and gentlemen! Enough talk...let's dig in...

An innocent biker gang is pulled over by the fuzz 'cause The Man hates longhairs and hippies, see?

Sam the Sheriff just knows they've got drugs and he's gonna bust 'em!

After Sam and his deputy frisk them and don't find anything, he decides to dig a little deeper! Giggidy!

After spending a few minutes in the hot box, an unsatisfied Sam splits the scene after telling them to beat it.

Fry, the leader of the gang, is pissed that Sam gave his girl the 'ole fingerbang so he sends Phoebe to find out where Sam lives and hag to score some grub and wine.

Later that night...it's a psychedelic dance party!

Until Cathy shows up. She's a 17 year old who ran away from home and she wants to join their club.

Fry tells her to run along but she insists that she can't go back. Fry gives in but on the condition she can pass the initiation. What's that, you ask?

"Well let me see your cunt!"

"Move it closer."

"...nah, you'd better take the bus home."

"I need to get away. I need freedom now."

Fry figures he'll give her a shot but she's gotta fuck someone in the group. Sadly, she goes to each one and they all turn her down. That's just mean.

"Would you please fuck me?"

"I don't think anyone here wants to fuck you, Cathy. Maybe you'd better move on."

Then suddenly...

"I'll fuck ya!"

WHAT'S THIS? We're only 18 minutes in and we've got some lesbian biker action goin' on?

6 minutes later it's time to expand this into full-on biker orgy! Cue the groovy rock score!

6 minute orgy. For some reason Fry doesn't participate...he just watches. Phoebe shows up and tells Fry that the sheriff is moving out of his house by tomorrow night.

Now at the sheriff's house, Fry sends a couple of the boys around back to check to see if the coast is clear. The daughter of the coast, though, seems to be masturbating...for two minutes!

Fry and the gang enter the house, tie everyone up and the dance party is ON!

Fry thinks that Sam and his wife & daughter need to join the party and that Sam needs to search his girl for drugs...with his tongue! But first Fry gets the boys to do Sam's daughter what he did to his girl in the squad car. Then it's time to get Sam's old lady involved! She resists at first...

12 minute orgy time! Fry just watches and then tells the girls to fuck Sam.

The next morning Fry tells Sam that they're taking his wife & daughter for security and will drop them off just outside of town in case Sam gets any ideas.

"Uh, by the way, Mac. Someday when you tell this story, and you will, or someday when another bike gang just happens to be passin' through, and they will, be gentle."


Sam cuts himself free...

and the chase is on!

A minute and a half later....BAM!

The fuck? Well, that was abrupt! If SLEAZY RIDER sounds like fun, it is. At right at an hour long, it's a great flick to curl up with your favorite gal and a few bottles of that $2.88 bottle of wine they've got over at Wal-mart that's really not that bad and...oh, wait. Maybe I shouldn't be talking about this.

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