Wednesday, December 22, 2010

B.T.K. – The Worlds Most Elusive Serial Killer (2004)

Director: Mark Soldinger

Starring: Kirsty Young (narrator)

Plot: In 1974, the BTK serial killer terrorised the people of Kansas. Known for binding, torturing and killing men, women and children, he taunted police with his letters for 5 years before mysteriously disappearing in 1979. 10 murders and 25 years later, he still wasn’t found. This is the story of the longest running serial killer case in history.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again? Yep.

Outstanding documentary. These UK/BBC docs are great. I don't think I've seen one yet that wasn't highly interesting and has replay value; and I've seen a bunch over the past couple of years. This one covers all of the bases you would expect but it's done so well that you're riveted the entire time. OK, so it's only 47 minutes long but that's 47 minutes of rivets! The cool thing about it is that it was made a year before the killer fucked up and got caught. I didn't know that going in. It was immediately after the first viewing that I hit the web in search of updates. Knowing that, though, makes it even cooler when you get to the end of this one. That was just a bonus.

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