Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hollywood's World of Flesh (1963)

Director: Lee Frost

Starring: Mei Chi, Jan Davidson, Sherry Everett, Frost Forest, Yvonne Holden, Robin James, Tina Gamwell, Palva Itano, Baby Bubbles, Beth Kummer, Sherry Kummer, Susi Nan, Windy Nelson, Michelle Roberts, Penny Williams, Lucy Wong, Deanna Wright, Irene Zimmer, and Introducing Joanne Stewart

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Plot: In the early 60's USA, it was hard to make nudie movies, with the obscenity laws of the time, which defined obscenity as having "no redeeming social value". To get around this, some clever filmmakers disguised their nudie flicks as documentaries, to educate the public about naked ladies, and thereby perform a valuable service to society. Legendary schlockmeisters Bob Cresse and Lee Frost are the creators of this seedy look at what goes on behind the scenes in Tinseltown. See casting couches, nude models, sex clubs, poolside orgies, Japanese bathhouses and more.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again? Nope.

Even if you didn't know the history of these kinds of flicks, you'd smell a rat that this wasn't a real documentary in the first few minutes. It's pretty obvious but that's part of the fun. What isn't fun is that once the novelty wears off twenty minutes in, you can get a little bored over the next forty. The problem is once they introduce a new segment, it's ten minutes of nudity and that wears thin. There's lots of "hidden camera" bullshit that's an out and out lie. Again, at first it's funny...

The best part of the movie is this broad. I don't know who she is but she's got talent and I know talent when I see it! She needs to have my dizzy babies.

There is some truth to what they're saying but everything is set up which takes some of the fun out of it. You get to see...

A striptease with a prostitute in the background working her charms.

A modeling studio where patrons pay to take pictures of SMOKIN' HOT WOMEN!

A Japanese bathhouse!

A hidden camera interview with an actress, I mean hooker!

A casting call for a nudie picture!

The making of a nudie picture!

A live action lesbian show!

A REAL Hollywood movie producer's party!

The narration is priceless and you might just find it fun. It's certainly a curiosity of a bygone era. I'm glad I watched it but despite the laughs, girls and short running time, it overstays its welcome but it was kinda fun.

I get asked frequently how is it that I find out about pictures like this in the first place. Well, here's just one example: Over the summer I watched really neat flick called WHO KILLED TEDDY BEAR? (1965) and one of the main characters goes to an adult movie theater that was showing both of these films...

After seeing these two amazing titles, I JUST HAD to hunt them down and watch them. HWoF was kind of fun but the other one was fucking hilarious and one of those hidden gems you hope to find when on quests such as these. Man, I love movies!

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