Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Angels from Hell (1968)

Director: Bruce Kessler

Starring: Tom Stern, Ted Markland, Jack Starrett, Arlene Martel, Paul Bertoya

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Plot: Mike (Tom Stern), a biker, returns to California after serving in Vietnam. He uses his war-hero experience to organize a new, united super outlaw gang. When one member is shot by police because he killed a girl at a pot orgy, an all-out cop vs. biker war results.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again? Sure.

Well, fuck me stupid - two good biker movies in a row. I felt like I'd been cursed for a while with one lame as biker flick after another. I feel much better now. Yeah, it's a cheesy B-movie but it's a fun one. The soundtrack is fantastic (Stu Philipps did the score)! Check out the main title tune by The Peanut Butter Conspiracy!

Groovy, baby!

And there's more great music throughout. That really surprised me 'cause you usually don't get quality music in these things; it's quite the opposite. The acting's fine. Starrett's (as Sheriff Bingham) so laid back it's cool.

Right off the bat Mike (Stern) makes his intentions know to the current leader of his old gang...

It's a biker flick so you've just GOT to have some Go-Go dancing!

Arlene Martel (who plays Ginger) is just too cute for words. She needs to have my DARK CRYSTAL babies!

There's a nice scene where the gang meets up with some flower children. More groovy tunes and the offscreen (sigh) murder of a flower child!

There's some of the typical 'crazy' bikers acting like morons hopped up on happy dust but it's more tolerable than usual. Man, I can't get over how groovy the tunes were. I loved it. This shit's goin' on my ipod. I guess you can tell I dug this picture more than I probably should have but with such a killer soundtrack and having a cool, laid back Jack starrett in one of the leads, it was kind of hard not to. I don't know how you'll get your hands on this but at least try.

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