Friday, November 12, 2010

Wrath of God (1968)

Director: Alberto Cardone

Starring: Brett Halsey, Dana Ghia, Howard Ross

More info: IMDb

Plot: Mike (Brett Halsey) returns home in order to leave his gunfighting days behind him and settle down on a farm with his old sweetheart but things do not go as planned. Finding Jane murdered, Mike is set upon and left for dead by her 7 killers who also steal his life savings of $10,000; all in $50 dollar bills. They leave only seven dollars and Mike vows to track down every man, paying him back with a solitary dollar and death.

My rating: 5.5/10

Will I watch it again? Nah. There are far too many spags to get to before I get back to this one.

WRATH is your standard spaghetti western fare. The plot is far from original for a spag but that doesn't matter. Revenge is nearly always sweet and Halsey gets to go after plenty of bad guys until he gets to the 'surprise' leader of the gang at the end of the picture. There's nothing in here I haven't seen before but Cardone handles everything well enough to keep you from turning it off or falling asleep.

Great trumpet score by Michele Lacerenza. I actually watched this because of a tune I heard off a spag theme compilation. I mistakenly thought it was from this film but after seeing this one and not hearing it anywhere, I see it's from a 1972 western with Robert Mitchum. Not a bad mistake to make. I liked it.

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