Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sex Robot (2010)

Director: Jason Massot

Starring: Becca Lish (narrator)

More info: HERE

Plot: Sex Robot follows three robot fetishists in their quest to find a futuristic lover, and the engineers who believe they could make their dreams come true.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? Nah. Once was fine.

Man, the BBC sure does tackle the hard issues. Just kidding. I've seen a lot of UK TV documentaries and I dig them all. Maybe it's the accent...I don't know. This is one of those films that puts the camera on the nutters and you feel strange watching them, almost sorry for them, but it's very entertaining. It makes your kinks even more normal. Several of the participants don't fare so well like the man who wants to be with a robot so badly that his girlfriend goes along with being hypnotized in order to behave more like one. It's creepy as hell...and funny.

This guy travels the country trying first hand every robot people make to find what he's looking for.

Then there are the guys who are dedicating their lives to making and perfecting sex robots. I'm not going to knock their passion or decisions but their robots look horrible. I know we've got to start somewhere but some of this shit looks like it was made by high schoolers in the 1980s. I'm all for having sex robots on the market - not for me but just the know. If someone wants to stick their dick in a magic box, go right ahead; I won't get in the way. There are people out there where this would be ideal and that's perfectly OK. Would I do it? Maybe out of curiosity, that kind of curiosity you have when you go through puberty where you try all kinds of things with your dick - everything from the super stress test to "Hey. I wonder what it would feel like if I put it in this." kind of thing. But until they come out with a model that looks like that Cylon broad from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, that's not going to happen.

Oh, yeah. This guy's really close to the perfect sex robot. Keep at it, Einstein.

Look, I'm not one to judge someone's fetish or anything unusual when it comes to sex. OK, I'll try not to, but we've all got something we dig that someone is going to find just plain weird. Confession time. I was 13 when I built a sex robot out of Lego. Just kidding. I think I was 27...and it hurt.

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