Saturday, November 27, 2010

Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier (1989)

Director: William Shatner

Starring: The same cast from the previous four films...and David Warner

More info: IMDb

Tagline: The Enterprise is back. This time, have they gone too far?

Plot: Capt. Kirk and his crew must deal with Mr. Spock's half brother who hijacks the Enterprise for an obsessive search for God.

My rating: 7/10

Will I watch it again? Yeah.

Hi. My name is Scorethefilm, (Hi, Scorethefilm!) and I like STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER.

I don't get why there's so much hate for this one. I guess coming off of 2, 3 & 4...yeah, it's not nearly as good but there's an awful lot to like. But first, the bad...

Uhura dancing to lure people over so they can steal their horses? THE FUCK? It's a nice looking shot and it gives her something to do besides aging but surely they could have come up with something better.

They can ALL ride horses? I understand Kirk but Spock and everyone else? Whatever.

You get one of the most awesome British character actors on the planet in your movie, David Warner, and you barely use him?

Some of the special effects are dodgy.

OK, so now for the good...

Some of the special effects look fantastic!

You get one of the most awesome British character actors on the planet in your movie, David Warner.

Jerry Goldsmith's score is outstanding and his new somber themes in the cues "The Mountain" and "An Angry God" are absolutely beautiful and some of his finest work of the last stage of his career.

An exemplary performance by DeForest Kelley in the scene where Sybok takes him back to the moment at the end of his father's life. It touched me very deeply.

The character moments between Kirk, Spock and McCoy are among their best moments together. It's in these scenes that bookend the film where we find the soul of everything that is Star Trek - humanity.

And I'm OK with the story. It feels like it could have been expanded from a TOS episode.

It was only this year that I saw ST5 for the first time although I've been listening to Goldsmith's score for twenty years. There is an awful lot to like in this film and I understand that it's flawed but there's so much good that I cannot dismiss it as easily as most. I like STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER. There, I said it.

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