Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Battle of the Damned (1969)

Original title: Quella Dannata Pattuglia

Director: Roberto Biacnhi Montero

Writers: Roberto Biacnhi Montero, Arpad DeRiso, Giovanni Scolaro

Composer: Marcello Giombini

Starring: Dale Cummings, Maurice Poli, Herb Andress, Lex Monson, Maurizio Tocchi, Fabio Testi, Luciano Catenacci

More info: IMDb

Plot: After landing in North Africa in World War II, a group of soldiers led by Capt. Bruce Clay is assigned to attack an enemy position in order to destroy a large oil storage cellar in the desert.

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

The first three and a half minutes is stock WWII footage.  Then it's people hanging around an Army base mixed in with people talking in meetings and Col. Bruce Clay (wow, that name doesn't roll off the tongue, does it) getting all romancy with his woman.  25 minutes our small group of soldiers is on the move in Jeeps across the desert for their mission.  Some things happen that delay them from reaching their target and that's an hour in when they get there.  Twenty three minutes to go.  It's a very slow watch and it's the pacing that killed it for me.  The characters are cliches and there's nothing done with them that makes me care about them or even like them more than I'd like any other humans.  They're the good guys so I'll like them for that reason but I'd switch sides if the Jerrys had nice personalities.  The action is of the run and gun type which is all mediocre.  It's average with nothing much to offer.

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