Friday, December 29, 2017

Caged Heat (1974)

Director: Jonathan Demme

Writer: Jonathan Demme

Composer: John Cale

Starring: Juanita Brown, Roberta Collins, Erica Gavin, Ella Reid, Cheryl Smith, Warren Miller, Barbara Steele, Crystin Sinclaire, Mickey Fox

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Tagline: Women's prison U.S.A. - Rape Riot and Revenge! White Hot Desires melting cold prison steel!

Plot: In a women's prison, a group of inmates band together to combat the repressive and abusive policies of the warden.

My rating:

Will I watch it again?  No.

Hey, kids!  From the future director and cinematographer that made SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991), it's a mediocre but something a little different entry in the Women in Prison (WIP) genre.  It's Jonathan Demme's first film and Tak Fujimoto's third.  We all have to start somewhere, right?   This Roger Corman produced trashy picture has some social value besides the abundance of nudity and shower scenes.  What does it have to say?  That there's a lot of fucked up shit that goes down in prison.  It's especially hard on the helpless.  But you're not going to watch this for that mess, right?  You're here for the T&A and Demme (who also wrote it) made sure there was plenty of that.  He also added some action in and out of the prison.  The ending was nice.  Watching this, it probably didn't hurt my experience knowing who Demme and Fujimoto were.  That had me looking at it through a different filter of sorts.  But they still had to make a film that lived up to the promise of the genre even if they did sneak in a little more than boobs, bush and butts.

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