Monday, December 11, 2017

Paul Williams Still Alive (2011)

Director: Stephen Kessler

Writer: Stephen Kessler

Starring: Paul Williams, Colin Reboy, Stephen Kessler

More info: IMDb

Plot: A documentary about legendary songwriter and 70's icon Paul Williams.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

Am I the only one who thinks the title is kind of insulting?  Well, being a lifelong fan of Williams from his music, his funny appearances with Johnny Carson and his hilarious role in SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT (1977) I enjoyed the walk down memory lane and catching up with Williams and seeing the guy doing what he wants.  The problem is that this is more about the director's fondness for Williams and wanting to befriend him than the other stuff.  It's borderline obsessive.  Williams was annoyed by it ans so was I.  Kessler was persistent and after a few years Williams let him get closer.  It's a weird film but there's some entertainment value if you stick with it. 

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