Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sex Life in a Convent (1972)

Director: Eberhard Schroder

Starring: Doris Arden, Sascha Hehn, Josef Moosholzer, Ulrich Beiger, Elisabeth Volkmann, Ellen Frank, Enzi Fuchs, Astrid Boner, Nadine De Rangot

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Plot: The problems girls face in the unisex environment of a convent school are revealed in a series of vignettes.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? Maybe but if English subs or dub surface and there's a nice widescreen print.

Part of the Nunsploitation Project (July & August 2013). Click here for more naughty nun insanity!

Three girls attending a Catholic girls school go to their secret trunk, change into their party clothes and hit the club lookin' for some lovin'!

Shit.  Gotta get back!

Looks like mom gave her sick daughter a book with lesbian sex (I distinctly hear the girl say lesbian).

Mom pulls out a folded paper with white powder from her boot and puts into the girls water.  Sleepy time.  Well, well, well.  It must not be mom because as soon as the girl drops, the older broad rapes her!


Nice!  I mean, that's horrendous. What makes it Euro-insane is Giorgio Moroder's (his first film, too) minimalist driving score in this scene.  It scream Eurotrash.  A man passing by sees this terrible act through an open window and screams for help.  The woman scrams before the Sister shows up.

The next day the older broad is called in and is told about the sex book found near the girl by the Mother Superior.  Back at school a sister teaches sex education which begins by a prank played by the girls.

Later we meet the priest.  It's a Nunsploitation picture so that dictates these two will probably get closer to God together with no clothes on (sadly, after finishing the film, they do not).


Looks like Maria is having a flashback.

It's beddybye time and we know where that candle's going, don't we?  Right where her hand currently resides.  Yeah!

 A new, young priest shows up as the girls are walking along a snowy path at the school and something takes over Maria and she runs from the group and makes her way to the organ and plays some really groovy music as if she were possessed.  Later that night...

And now dance class.

Meet Venus (left) and Petra (right).

It appears that we're getting cleaned up and ready for a party, perhaps an excuse to practice those dance moves.


My German is weak but I think these two are talking of the saucy things they'd do to the girls.

I think these two are also talking of the saucy things they'd do to the girls.

And this guy is asking this chick if she'd like to have a 12-way with him and 10 of the girls, her pick.

She must've said no because now he's asking this broad.

Venus and Petra sneak off and head to the local bar for some action.

After the ceremonious orgasm, it's back to the convent. Looks like a new school season has begun.

Busted for passing pornography around.  Stupid, uptight nuns.

Oh yeah!


Meet Antionia.

Flashback to a girl hitching a ride.

Naturally the truck driver rapes her...

...and calls his buddies over to do the same.  Yikes.

Hey, it's more sex!

Please let this scene go where I want it to...

...getting closer...



It's a field trip to the museum.

Das ist Elisabeth.

Meeting friends at the train station.

I thought it might be a ski trip but it appears not.

Getting chewed out for leaving.

Another flashback.  This one has a girl visiting her mother who proceeds to show her daughter her boobs.  Not sure why.  Damn you, language barrier!

Some hitchhiking.

An attempted rape and back at the convent in bed.

Grades passed out and school is over.

Cue groovy minimalistic electronic theme.  Well that was surprisingly entertaining.  Considering I took one year of German in school 30 years ago (which means I've forgotten all but about a dozen words) I was able to follow this for the most part.  The pacing is quick and there's lots of exploitation going on, although none of it having to do with nuns but since I couldn't understand what was being said, I'll assume that the woman who gave the girl the sex book in the beginning was a nun out of her monkey suit.  I might watch it again someday if some English subs turned up and there is a better, widescreen print.  Even without any English option it was still pretty fun.


  1. thes songs appear on Die Klostersch├╝lerinnen (1972) soundtrack made by Giorgio Moroder:

    Son Of My father
    Shirocco - Es War Nur Ein Traum is a reworked version of "Tears" with vocals.

    "Tears" is (Instrumental)