Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deadly Weapons (1974)

Director: Doris Wishman

Starring: Chesty Morgan, Harry Reems, Richard Towers, Saul Meth, Phillip Stahl, Mitchell Fredericks, Denise Purcell, John McMohon, Louis Burdi, Doris Wishman

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Tagline: Seeing is Believing! 73-32-36!

Plot: After the mob hits a guy with a list, one of the hoods keeps the list for himself to blackmail the people on it. When the mobsters find out he's a double-crosser, they off him, which angers his busty girlfriend. She goes after them using the only two weapons she has.

My rating: 4/10

Will I watch it again? Maybe.

If you like your tits the size of Volkswagens and you like seeing them A LOT then boy is this picture for you.  I need to warn you that there's a bath scene that goes on a little too long so you might get bored.  Just sayin'.

I suspect they did that so that your eyes would take some time to adjust to those melons.  You wouldn't want to strain them...your eyes, that is.  It's too bad Chesty's voice was dubbed.  I'd like to hear what her accent sounded like.  It was the same way in her other, better picture, DOUBLE AGENT 73 (1974)

Wow.  That's some serious support hose.

Harry Reams was a gas.

Why the long face?

There's clearly only one draw for this movie (two, I guess) and that's Chesty Morgan's massive mammaries.  There's nothing else in this picture that's worth a spit.  At 74 minutes long it's way too long and the longer than necessary scenes are wasteful and that includes the extended boob scenes (please don't take away my Man card). It gets old and fast. 

After seeing the very fun DOUBLE AGENT 73, I expected more out of this picture.  Watch DOUBLE AGENT 73 instead.  You get 30 miles of boobs just like this one but you'll also laugh and be entertained at the same time.  I ended up buying the Blu-ray that has both films plus a third one (sadly not starring Chesty) with extras.  You're going to want to see those cans in hi-def, Man!

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  1. I agree that the film is slow, but I don't see that as a negative. The film is an excuse to stare at Chesty Morgan's breasts, and the plot is an added extra.

    I have the film (and Double Agent 73) in a two-DVD box set. Does the Blu Ray offer any improvements in picture quality? What are the extras you mentioned? My DVDs include none, not even trailers.