Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bawdy Tales (1973)

Director: Sergio Citti

Starring: Nicoletta Machiavelli, Silvano Gatti, Enzo Petriglia, Sebastiano Soldati, Santino Citti, Giacomo Rizzo, Gianni Rizzo, Ennio Panosetti, Oscar Fochetti, Fabrizio Mennoni, Elisabetta Genovese, Christian Aligny, Franco Citti, Ninetto Davoli, Jocelyne Munchenbach

More info: IMDb

Plot: Rome, 1850. In prison, two young men, Bernardino and Mamonne, condemned for murder wait their own death penalty to be executed, and pass their last hours telling each other tales of lust, adultry and death.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again? Yes.

Part of the Nunsploitation Project (July & August 2013). Click here for more naughty nun insanity!


With a title like that I fully expected this to be a raunchy sex comedy.  But then having been co-written by Pier Paolo Pasolini I should have know there was going to be some artistic weight with a heavily political message behind it all.  This is not your typical anthology. No sir-ee.  It's loaded with sex and consequence.  The picture opens with a couple of guys meeting each other while shitting in a cave (as you would)...

Then we see a priest cleaning a statue of Mary.

I guess he got wood (ahahahahahahaha) or perhaps he had some impure thoughts.

Next up a new priest comes to town while the fellas are bathing...

Father: Don't you want to be nearer to the church?

 Pasolina: Then how shall we do it?

 Father: You will do it very well, don't you worry, and no one will be the wiser for it. One of these days I will come to bless your house, and in coming I will bless thee as well.

 "And what a beautiful pussy you are."

Someone tips off the husband and...

...he forces the priest to cut his own junk off!!!

I'm completely sold on this flick.  The humor is dark and bad things are happening to these people. This is better than a slasher flick!

Two sheep herders get into an argument about fucking sheep.  Chiavone insists it's just as good, if not better, than fucking a woman.

Cacchione is REALLY skeptical and disagrees.

After a couple of minutes of their back and forth it starts to feel like the setup for a joke.  And it turns out it is.  Cacchione, after arguing at length that his wife is so great in the sack and there's no need to fuck a sheep.  He agrees to try it.  While he's looking for the right sheep to lay with, Chiavone runs off to a nearby stream and fuck Cacchione's wife.

Funny, right?  Well I'm not going to spoil what happens after that.  It was shocking and didn't go the way it looked like. Payback is a bitch in Italy, I'll say that.  Holy shit that was insanely dark!

The last two stories are weaker giving the final half hour less of the good stuff but it's still finishes as a great picture.  The dubbing is surprisingly very good.  Too bad this isn't out on DVD here in the States.  I want this.  It's fantastic.

This is listed on IMDb as a Nunsploitation film which is what brought me to watch it.  There isn't any naughty nun action at all but there is a lot of hanky panky going on with priests and other members of the male clergy.  Does that count?  I'm inclined to say no but this film makes such a statement about religion and those who follow it while being salacious all over the place that it could.

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