Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Lady of Lust (1972)

Director: Sergio Bergonzelli

Starring: Toti Achilli, Magda Konopka, Vassili Karis, Jerry Ross, Maria Virginia Benati, Carla Mancini, Bruno Boschetti, Gregorio Gandolfo, Mario Casella

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Plot: Cristiana, a beautiful young socialite leaves her partying days behind and joins a convent but she has trouble leaving the carnal life behind.  Upon earning her habit she discovers her man is sleeping with another nun so she leaves the convent to whore herself out like she's never whore'd out before.  But can she live with herself in this return to the saucy life?

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again? No.

Part of the Nunsploitation Project (July & August 2013). Click here for more naughty nun insanity!


While on a flight caught in a terrible storm, Cristiana swears her life God and she'll join a convent if they make it out alive.  They do and she does.  But first, plane sex!

"I'm sorry.  You're offending the other passengers.  Will you please get dressed?"

"Why? Is there a law against love making on this airline?"

Damn!  What airline is that?  Can I transfer my frequent flyer miles?  Sign my ass up now!  That really is actual dialogue from this picture and they're fucking in the aisle with passengers all around!

She has trouble putting her past behind her, thinking about the man she had a fling with.  Naturally she masturbates and feels guilty.  But wait, she befriends another nun and things start to get fun.

Luka, her boyfriend, shows up on the lam from the law and needs a place to stay so Cristiana hides him at the convent.

Nun Leonore catches them doing the nasty and you know she's going to use that against them despite her showing herself to them and being all super nice about it.  But it turns out that while Cristiana is getting sworn in (or whatever it's called) as nun in a big ass ceremony, Sister Lenore visits Luka to bring him binoculars so they can see the ceremony from the bell tower where he's being hidden.  He comes on to her real hard and they start sexing it up.  After the ceremony Critiana catches them in the act and what does Luka try to do?  She's slaping the snot out of him and he's asking for a three way!

"Mind your own business, you nosey bitches"

It's splitsville for Luka as Cristiana runs off crying, straight to her incredibly wealthy mother, the Contessa, a hustler of men.  Now that she's back in her element she wants to start living...sinning!

"Long live sin!"

She puts herself up for auction at a party and this guy wins the bidding...


...but he doesn't buy her for himself but for Rafael, the painter friend of Cristiana's for whom she used to model.

Meanwhile Sister Lenore gets chewed out for assisting Cristiana and charges her to find Cristiana and ask for forgiveness.  That part didn't make sense to me. Cristiana dons her habit and visits a church, steals a jeweled crown from the Virgin Mary statue and whacks the priest over the head before making her getaway.


In the very next scene she's face to face with Lenore, who she's still super pissed that Lenore nailed her man.  Now Cristiana is all hopped up on pissiness, she picks up some dude that's hitting on Lenore and takes him for a joy ride in her small, two seat convertible.  She speeds like mad around coastal cliff curves, the guy jumps out for fear of her killing him, and she careens on, screaming out shit like "The flower of evil must pay!", "The flower of evil must die!" and so forth.  You guessed it, runs right off a cliff and into the ocean.  The end.  The picture isn't too bad but it is disjointed in the second half making it feels like there's a longer cut out there which will fill in some of the gaps.  Either way, there's a bit of sleaze.  Though I'm not keen on seeing this again, if a longer, good looking widescreen print turns up, I'm there.

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