Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cloistered Nun: Runa's Confession (1976)

Director: Masaru Konuma

Starring: Luna Takamura, Yoko Azusa, Nobutaka Masutomi, Aoi Nakajima, Shin Nakamaru

More info: IMDb

Plot: Before leaving for a mission in Africa, Runa, a nun, visits her sister three years after entering the convent when her sister stole Runa's boyfriend. Runa comes to forgive and to help her sister make enough money buying and selling some convent property so she can marry. The old boyfriend has new women in his life, but he and the sister tell Runa they're a couple in order to keep the property deal. To make even more money, Runa's sister wheedles large gifts from various men she's stringing along. There are flashbacks to Runa's sexual initiation at the convent. Has this taught meekness to Runa?

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

Part of the Nunsploitation Project (July & August 2013). Click here for more naughty nun insanity! 

This Nunsploitation picture is different than what I've seen so far.  What makes it so is that it takes place outside a church, convent or any other religious location.  It's also a revenge flick from the get go although you won't know it until you're near the end.  It's got some great Japanese weirdness you've come to expect.


I'll say!

That's right, she paints her nethers.

What does she do with it?  She gives it to her boyfriend.

Well, it turns out she's sold them to several men telling them that she'd marry them!

Boy, if I had a nickel every time I heard that line.

This looks to be a slam dunk, fun as shit movie but it's not all that.  It's rather slow but not without some bits to keep you interested.  The sex scenes dragged.  There were  a couple or so that went on seemingly forever.  Combine that with an already leisurely pace it can get boring pretty quick.  I did enjoy it despite that but not enough to give it another go.  I'd rather watch any number of Pinky Violence flicks from the 70s instead.

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