Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MoH 212: The Washingtonians (2007)

Director: Peter Medak

Starring: Johnathon Schaech, Julia Tortolano, Venus Terzo, Saul Rubinek, Caroline Carter, Myron Natwick, Esme Lambert, Abraham Jedidiah, Patrick Keating, Wendy Morrow Donaldson

More info: IMDb

Plot: Following the death of his elderly grandmother, Mike Franks travels with his wife Pam and 10-year-old daughter Amy to his grandmother's old house where he accidentally finds an old letter hidden behind a portrait of George Washington. A morbid letter supposedly written by Washington about killing and eating children. In trying to verify the authenticity of the letter, Mike becomes the target of 'the Washingtonians'; a secret society of various and powerful people who protect the secret life of the 'Father of the Country', and whom, like Washington... are cannibals.

My rating:8/10

Will I watch it again? YES!

Well this was fun.  Once you get into the wild premise it's darkly funny.  I got the impression that the film makers knew exactly what they were doing because they played it straight up and serious as all get out.  Saul Rubinek slayed me.  I'd love to meet him based on this performance alone, not to mention the tons of others he's so good in. The ending was hilarious and the coda; what happens to the dollar bill.  Ahahahahahaha. Scary but funny.  I'll definitely watch this one again someday.

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