Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Time, Another Place (1958)

Director: Lewis Allen

Starring: Lana Turner, Sean Connery, Barry Sullivan, Glynis Johns, Sid James, John Le Mesurier

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Plot: Sean Connery stars as married BBC journalist Mark Trevor, who begins a torrid whirlwind romance with Sara Scott (Turner), an American reporter stationed in England during World War II. But tragedy strikes when Mark is killed in a plane crash, and the devastated Sara decides that the only way she can move past her grief is to visit his devoted wife, Kay (Johns).

My rating: 4/10

Will I watch it again? No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to DIE!

Look, I like a love story as much as the next bloke who's been divorced 3 times longer than he was married but this is ridiculous. Sappy, melodramatic and tired. These are words that can be used to describe a maple tree crying about how his girlfriend left him for the millionth time to the bartender. They can also be used to describe this flick.

I love how they tried to market the re-release of this picture after Connery made a splash as Bond. Classic. I'd be pissed as hell if I paid to see this under those pretences; not to mention that Connery is killed off a third or so into it.

"I love you, darling. I've never felt so in love, so wanting to spend my life with someone..." Oh, give me a fucking break. That's not exact dialogue but it's filled with shit just like it, and to hear Connery say it is laughable. He's clearly not cut out for this kind of thing. He's so out of his element.

Mr. Serling, your stand-in is here.

He and Lana Turner had an affair at some point. When we meet up with them in the picture it's been a few years and they re-kindle their relationship (i.e. they fuck). She's engaged and he's married with a small boy only he doesn't tell her until she's cuckoo for Coa-coa Puffs in love and tells him she's leaving her fiance for him. He dies in a plane crash and she just HAS to visit the town where he and his family live and cozy up to the wife and boy, being a right bitch to fuck with his family that way. To top it all off she eventually tells Connery's widow that she had an affair with him. But wait, it gets better. Minutes later when Turner is at the train station, the widow shows up and forgives her. THE FUCK? I don't fucking think so. This should have turned dark the moment Turner confesses. The widow should've grabbed a long-ass pair of shears and stabbed her in the heart. End of story.

I did like seeing Sid James in a serious role and Glynis Johns did a fine job, too, as Connery's wife. This is for die-hard fans of Connery or Turner only and neither put in a good performance so don't get your hopes up. Sometimes you have to take a bullet when you want to go through someone's catalog. It's painful.

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