Saturday, August 10, 2013

Images In a Convent (1979)

Director: Joe D'Amato

Starring: Paola Senatore, Marina Hedman, Paola Maiolini, Marina Ambrosini, Angelo Arquilla, Aiche Nana, Maria Rosaria Riuzzi, Giovanna Mainardi, Ferruccio Fregonese, Sylviane Anne Marie Plard, Pietro Zardini, Brunello Chiodetti, Donald O'Brien

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Plot: Locked behind the walls of a convent are an order of beautiful nuns whose vows force them to forget the pleasures of sexual contact. Crazed with lust and desire many of the nuns pleasure themselves and each other in fear of the Mother Superior. One night a wounded man is found on the grounds of the convent and is brought inside to be healed. He becomes the focus of the young nuns' desires as each one tries to visit this young man. But along with him has come the evil force of Satan. A local priest proceeds to exorcise the demon from within the holy building driving the nuns into a delirium of sexual madness.

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Yes.

Part of the Nunsploitation Project (July & August 2013). Click here for more naughty nun insanity! 

If there were just one 3 things Joe D'Amato will be known for it's sex, sex, and sex.

Caught getting all sexed up on the new girl, this Sister gets a beating...

...and keeps on licking.

Oh, it's OK, baby, I'm sorry. You made me whip you.  I didn't want to do it but I did it for you.

Licking her wounds?

Guido (Arquilla) shows up and the chicks have a real dick to play with for a change.

Jesus and I thought I had a hairy chest.  Wow!

Yeah you do.

Wait a second here.  If I know my bible verses, and I know my bible verses, this is from Acts, chapter 6, verse 9. 

It's time to bust out the big guns! Splinters be damned!

Yeah, there's a bunch of nudity.  What's surprising is how tastefully erotic some of the sex scenes are.  Really.  Nico Fidenco's lovely score added to their effectiveness.  The ones I found most effective weren't explicit.  Those that did have penetration were fine but there was something about 'not going there' that elevated the nun lesbian scene.  I know, I'm weird.  By the way, if you're looking for nun rape then add this one to your list.  Several of these Nunsploitation pictures have rape scenes but they're almost always met with initial resistance followed by complete acceptance by the victim.  This picture's rape scene doesn't give you that transition.  D'Amato directed 200 pictures and nearly all of them have an IMDb user rating under 6/10 (the highest rated is only 6.54/10).  I've seen a few of his films and most of them were pretty bad which is why I'm impressed so much by this one.  Before I split, the ending is pretty fucking great.  You've got the exorcist walking through the convent being sexually tempted by every nun around and his scenes are cut with all manner of debauchery from the other nuns; nuns masturbating, nuns fucking nuns, nuns fucking the dude.  It's done in such a way that reminded me of the infamous ending of THE GODFATHER (1972).  Great stuff.  I'm on ebay now looking for the 2 disc special edition.  I needs me some extras on this one.

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