Friday, August 23, 2013

Convent Rope Hell (1984)

Director: Katsuhiko Fujii

Starring: Maya Ito, Asami Ogawa, Miki Takakura, Hiroshi Unayama, Hiromi Yamaguchi, Shingo Yamamoto

More info: IMDb

Plot:  A recent member at a convent, Sister BDSM (that's what I'll call her until I know her real name) finds that she's been betrayed by her sisters and is offered up to a bondage fiend who likes to rape and torture young women and uses his remote controlled vibrator for nefarious means. 

My rating: 6.5

Will I watch it again? Only if some English subs show up

AKA Catholic Nun Rope Hell & Dan Oniroku: Shuudojo Nawa Jigoku

Part of the Nunsploitation Project (July & August 2013). Click here for more naughty nun insanity! 

How's this for an opening shot?

And a pre-credits sequence...

The picture opens with what seems to be a dream sequence or maybe it's Sister BDSM on her day off, getting what she's not getting at the convent because as soon as this scene is over, she's on a train and walks from there to the convent.  It could also have been her last day as a civilian and she's getting it out of her system. I don't know because there are no English options with this film.  Her first night there (or back depending on what's going on)...

After she rubs one out (we're now 15 minutes into a 69 minute picture) she gets a strange vision (or flashback) of someone holding a knife to her throat.  Naturally, she's shaken up so it's time to cool off with a shower where she notices some nun hanky panky afoot.

This guy drives two of the gals to meet with a mysterious man (mysterious to me because I don't understand Japanese, but we'll refer to him as the Book Man) who writes in a book, gives it to the nuns and they're on their way back to the convent.

A young man meets them just outside the convent pleading with Sister BDSM but the chauffeur holds him back while the nuns continue into the convent.  Then Sister BDSM prays at the alter and throws us some flashbacks of her with the young fella outside and more images of a woman slitting her wrist in front of them and we're back to the alter.  A sister consoles her (she's clearly disturbed by her thoughts) and escorts her back to her room to give her a sedative to sleep. Sister BDSM hits the sack and it's off to dreamland...or is it?


She wakes up to find marks on her body.  Hmmmmmmm.  We're now halfway into the film.  She meets her boyfriend outside for a brief visit and then it's bike riding with her nun buddy.  For some reason they separate and she comes across some ne'er-do-wells and it's nuns on the run!

Another nun (you'll have to forgive me because all of the girls are young and pretty and when you completely cover their bodies and show most of their face, it's still difficult to tell who's who sometimes) is chauffeured but this time her passenger is the young boyfriend of Sister BDSM and he's blindfolded. Sister BDSM awakens naked in the rape gang's apartment and is promptly raped again.  Eventually we see that there is an opening to another room where our friend with the book awaits.  He's watching all of this go down and in comes the boyfriend, escorted by the nun and chauffeur. He gets to watch his baby doll take on the rape gang (for the record, she doesn't like it).  Later, Sister BDSM wakes up to find a chastity belt  snugly containing her nethers.  But wait!  It gets more interesting. Book Man has planted a vibrator inside her and can control it remotely!  COOL!!!

More forced sex...

Sister BDSM wants nun of that (ahahahahahahaha) and escapes to a nearby small building. But the Book Man uses his remote control to find her.  By hearing her moans he can pinpoint her location.

It's time to get this damn thing off!

Oh, no!  Busted!!!

After she gets off we take some time to check in on a couple of other nuns to see what they're up to...

They find themselves entering the torture chamber.  Oh, my.  I'll let the pictures take it from here.  Twenty minutes left.

Lots of fucking and sucking later, a Sister shows up and frees the two lovebirds to live happily ever after.

Despite not know what anyone was saying, it was a pretty easy picture to understand.  Good thing there was a lot of sex in it or I would have had to pay closer attention.  Thinking is hard.  It's a pretty fun movie but I think it would have been better had I known the details. Some years from now I'll scour the web to find subtitles and give it another go.  The imagery is great and imaginative as you can see. BDSM and rope play aficionados will dig it.

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