Monday, August 12, 2013

Heavy Metal 2000 (2000)

Directors: Michael Coldewey & Michel Lemire

Starring: Michael Ironside, Julie Strain, Billy Idol, Pier Paquette, Sonja Ball, Brady Moffatt, Rick Jones, Arthur Holden, Alan Fawcett, Jane Woods, Elizabeth Robertson, Luis de Cespedes, Terrence Scammell, Vlasta Vrana

More info: IMDb

Plot: Upon discovery of a shard of what could be the Loc-Nar, a miner named Tyler who becomes possessed by an insatiable hunger for power and a thirst for immortality. On his way to the planet of youth, Tyler wipes out most of a space colony and kidnaps a sexy woman. His big mistake is that he doesn't kill the woman's sister, Julie, who then sets out on a mission of rescue and revenge.

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Nah.

Well blow me down.  I liked it.  I haven't heard anything good about it for more than a decade and I wasn't blown away like most were with HEAVY METAL (1981).  That one had me watching the clock I was so bored (mostly).  The sequel isn't an anthology like before (which disappointed me) but one continuous story with LORD OF THE RINGS overtones.  Like the first picture it's got cartoon space boobs...

Suck on those, TOTAL RECALL!

and lots of outer space action and rock & roll music.

Only a couple of songs really worked for me but Frederic Talgorn's score is fantastic!  It's orchestral but it's got more of a classical romantic period style closer to what John Williams did with STAR WARS (1977).  At 88 minutes it's a very fast watch with some quick pacing to make it feel shorter.  If I had to guess at why the hate for this picture I'd have to say they strayed from the formula of the first film.  I can't think of anything else.  What was there worked well for me.  While I have read some of the HEAVY METAL magazines (and it's been a lot of years since I did) I can't remember if this fit within the mag's vibe but I bet it does. 

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