Thursday, August 8, 2013

Camp Blood (2000)

Director: Brad Sykes

Starring: Jennifer Ritchkoff, Michael Taylor, Tim Young, Betheny Zolt, Courtney Taylor, Joseph Haggerty, Meredith O'Brien, Vinnie Bilancio, Ron Ford, Tim Sullivan, Ivonne Armant, Randy Rice, Shemp Moseley

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Tagline: Get ready for a bloody good time!

Plot: Out and about on a camping trip in the woods without a care in the world, four campers found themselves in an unknown world. With the death of their guide and at the mercy of a cold blooded killer, the trip of fun in the sun soon took a wrong turn. With friends slowly disappearing, so does the chance of getting out alive.

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again? Nah.

I can forgive a low-to-no budget movie for certain things like the poor quality of acting (hey, you take what you can sometimes), weak special effects, and so on, but there are some things that you should get right no matter what. For example, the kids are sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories and the ambient noise of the crickets, frogs, etc can be loudly heard behind on guy but when someone else speaks there's not a sound other than their voice.  Shit like that screams either laziness or ineptitude on the part of the film makers.  In this case it could be the director Brad Sykes.  But, hey, this guy's made 21 movies in 14 years and I've yet to make one.  Fuck, I need to correct that.  There are a few things that will make you laugh that you just know the film makers intended it to be lame-for-laughs.

It looks just like a real newspaper, don't you think?  LOL.

What this flick gives you is what you really want in a slasher flick and that's boobs and blood and it delivers.

The boobs, by the way, are courtesy of Meredith O'Brien, who's just been fast-tracked to the list of women who need to have my babies. 

Some of the acting is actually pretty good (Ritchkoff did a fine job) but then those actors could be standing out against the ones who were horrible.  I don't see any Oscar nominees in the bunch but they give you what you'd expect for something made with a VHS camcorder and some friends which is just fine.  They're not attempting high art so it's OK to cut them some slack and take this in for what it is and it's not all that bad.  I'm sure this would play a lot better with some friends and liquor.  Oh, one last thing.  The DVD picture quality is lousy.  It's a flipper disc with the anaglyphic 3D (red/blue) version on the other side and both look like nth generation VHS copies.  And what's this?  There are two sequels?  I just might have to watch them...but, you know, with a group this time.

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