Friday, August 16, 2013

Bruiser (2000)

Director: George A. Romero

Starring: Jason Flemyng, Peter stormare, Leslie Hope, Nina Garbiras, Andrew Tarbet, Tom Atkins, Jonathan Higgins, Jeff Monahan, Marie V. Cruz, Beatriz Pizano

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Tagline: Revenge has no face.

Plot: A weak-willed businessman, pushed to the edge of sanity by his demanding job and people who don't respect him, wakes up one day to find his face a blank image of a white porcelain mask, and he takes advantage to this unexplained supernatural event to get back at all those who have treated him badly.

My rating: 7/10

Will I watch it again? No.

I dig Romero and I don't think I've met one of his pictures that I didn't like and the list keeps growing.  The first half hour is great, the second is still good and compelling but the final third starts to lose it.  The climax takes place at a huge party given by Bruiser, the magazine and company of which Henry (Flemyng) is employed.  The party goes on for probably twenty minutes and didn't do all that much for me.  I would have preferred something less grandiose for the killer to exact his revenge.

The performances are good.  Flemyng does a fine job as the man behind the mask (and what a great mask it is).

Peter Stormare is off the charts insane as Henry's eccentric and arrogant boss, Milo, and the owner of the magazine.  Look no further if you've ever wondered what Peter Stormare's peter looks like, by the way.

And it's got Tom MUTHA FUCKING THRILL ME Atkins as the lead detective!!!  You can't go wrong with this guy.

I really dug this picture except for the gotta-have-a-Hollywood-finale-in-an-interesting-location ending.  It seemed like having Henry exact his revenge should have been more low-key and personal but then it would have robbed Milo's employees and guests from seeing him die (which I'm sure they loved) but then his death wasn't exactly satisfying.  Still, it's a good horror flick not to be overlooked.

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