Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dog Soldiers (2002)

Director: Neil Marshall

Starring: Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Six soldiers. Full moon. No chance.

Plot: Sent on basic manoeuvres in the deep, dark forests of Scotland, a band of British Tommie's find themselves hunted, trapped and waiting for the long night to reach its end. With werewolves abound in this gripping, claustrophobic, high-octane nightmare of the worse scenario; with time running out, hope running thin and chances slipping away it begs the questions: Who can be trusted? Who will survive?

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Yes.

#11 of 31 Days of Horror 2010.

It seems like it's werewolf month at my house this week. I'm on a lycenthrope tear I guess, catching up on a bunch of werewolf pictures I've been meaning to see for years and never got around to it. This is another. Before I forget, don't waste your time with the blu-ray on this one. It's not worth the dough. The picture quality isn't what you would think and there are no extras except for the annoying fucking forced trailers when you pop in the disc that you have to chapter through to get to the main menu. I hate that shit.

All I knew going into this was that it involved soldiers and werewolves. I was pleasantly surprised to see McKidd in the lead. I loved that guy from ROME. He could be a good Bond. It's Marshall's first film as director and it really only shows in the hand to hand combat scene in the beginning. It felt clumsier than it should. Other than that it's a top notch first film with good atmosphere, performances, story, surprises and creature effects. Very nice. A few years ago I watched THE DESCENT (2005), his next film, and was less than impressed.


  1. Rob again. I thought that this was a terrible movie. To it's credit I only saw it the one time and I don't remember much except hating it. I thought there was ,little to no plot. The army guys are stuck in the house the whole time bitchin' to each other about their perdicament. I did think that the werewolves were badass!! There hadn't been a cool werewolf in many years. I do need to see it again in all fairness but I remember not caring for it.

  2. After seeing McKidd in ROME I was sold. This guy kicks ass. I was just coming to it from a different angle. You're right about how little there is as far as the story goes but it was fun.