Monday, January 15, 2018

Plan B (2001)

Director: Greg Yaitanes

Writer: Lisa Lutz

Composer: Brian Tyler

Starring: Frank Pellegrino, Paul Sorvino, Anthony DeSando, Diane Keaton, Nick Sandow, Maury Chaykin, Bob Balaban, Burt Young

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Ready, Fire... Aim!

Plot: A bookkeeper who thinks she killed three mobsters is subsequently promoted by her boss to be a hitman.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

The cast is great.  There are a lot of folks in this picture that I really dig a lot.  The big winner is Paul Sorvino who takes his Paulie character from GOODFELLAS (1990) and ratchets up the the funny a little.  He's wonderful.  The rest of the cast does a fine job too but this picture needs some tightening up.  It's really trying hard to be a screwball comedy but it only sometimes succeeds.  When it doesn't it's the pacing that drags it down and sometimes it's a little too frenetic.  Regarding that, for as fast as it pretends to be at times the moments that surround those scenes can't keep up.  It's a film that really wants to be fast and fun but it doesn't always achieve that.  Still, when you've got people like Sorvino and Keaton heading the cast it's worth a look just to see them in funny mode.  The Warner Bros. DVD looks great in anamorphic widescreen and you get a few extras.  First up is a commentary track from the director, then there's twelve minutes of screen tests and lastly three minutes of deleted scenes (non-anamorphic widescreen).

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