Saturday, January 27, 2018

Mean Mother (1974)

AKA: Soul Brother

Directors: Al Adamson, Leon Klimovsky

Writers: Joy Garrison, Charles Eric Johnson

Composers: Vic Caesar, Roberto Pregadio

Starring: Dobie Gray, Dennis Safren, Luciana Paluzzi, Lang Jeffries, Marilyn Joi, Bedy Moratti, Albert Cole, Al Richardson, Robyn Hilton

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Super Cool & Wild! Smashing the Man and the Mob for his Women!

Plot: Two Vietnam deserters go their separate ways, become criminals and are eventually reunited.

My rating: 3/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

What the hell, man!  This is the third or fourth movie I've seen in a week that has been completely misrepresented in some major way.  This is NOT a Blaxploitation flick.  It's a little bit of action and a lot of drama and boring on top of that.  The word on the street is that producer Samuel M. Sherman bought the U.S. distribution rights to a Spanish film called RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (1971) and, in an effort to make it something U.S. audiences would rather see, he added new footage with black actors, changing the story a little and changing the title for a more exploitation/Blaxploitation crowd.  It failed so badly that I don't even want to see RUN FOR YOUR LIFE even though it's got a much higher IMDb user score.  I'm fucking pissed.  I've been in the mood for a Blaxpolitation picture and this is twice in a row that I was promised one and got something completely different instead. The fight scenes are clumsily choreographed (just watch the first ten minutes for a few unintentional laughs).  The acting is what you'd expect for an Al Adamson picture except better when you're watching the stuff he didn't film. If I saw this at the theater in the 70s based on that poster I would've been super fucking pissed.  Skip it. 

There is one great thing about this that would be criminal to leave out. Remember this broad?

I never thought I'd ever get to see those glorious cans exposed but here they are...

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