Monday, January 22, 2018

Dirty Cop No Donut (1999)

AKA: Low Down Dirty Cop

Director: Tim Ritter

Writer: Tim Ritter

Starring: Joel D. Winkoop, Bill Cassinelli, Michael Hoffman Jr., Andrew Gulbrandsen, Lindsay Horgan, Kathleen Ritter, Gertina Willemse

More info: IMDb

Tagline: It's NOT just a movie!

Plot: A "shockumentary" which follows Officer Friendly, a psychotic policeman, on a rampage of sex, drugs, murder and other worldly pleasures.

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

Here's another example of the boneheads who added 'comedy' to this film's genre section on IMDb.  It's not funny at all and the only thing where writer/director Ritter tried anything remotely funny was at the end where you read what happened to each of the cop's victims.  This is essentially a found footage like video that follows what seems like a rogue cop over the course of one night as he wreaks havoc on everyone he encounters.  I suppose it's not an easy role for an actor but Wynkoop doesn't handle it well.  Maybe in small spurts he's tolerable but after a short while it gets old fast and getting to the end of the short run time of 77 minutes is a chore.  For starters he doesn't feel real enough.  He's got his moments but there's a lot of repetition in his dialogue which grows stale by the minute.  If you made a drinking game of taking a shot every time he says "boy" you'd be hammered in minutes.  Maybe I should've done that...but I didn't I was young and needed the money.  The biggest question I had was how will this end for Officer Friendly and it's not interesting, compelling or satisfying except for one thing and that's the title card that immediately follows the scene that tells us a little about him that fills us in on what's going on with this guy.  It's an OK flick at best.  It's a criminal endurance test.

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