Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Craven Sluck (1967)

Director: Mike Kuchar

Writer: Mike Kuchar

Starring: Foraine Connors, Bob Cowan, George Kuchar, Donna Kerness, Bocko

More info: IMDb

Plot: A bored housewife decides to kill herself. When the suicide attempt fails, she goes cruising for a new lover. She finds a young hipster in the park and they make plans for a rendezvous. But it appears elements both metaphysical and interplanetary are conspiring to keep her unhappy.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

I wonder sometimes if shit like this is supposed to make sense.  It's a 21 minute arthouse flick filled with strange images...

beautiful women...

I said, beautiful women...

And hot bitches!!!

That's better.  The music is culminated from various places and it playfulness and quirkiness of it adds to the picture.  After watching SINS OF THE FLESHAPOIDS (1965) and THE SECRET OF WENDEL SAMSON (1966) I was ready to give up on this one. It's the last of three films on the FLESHAPOIDS DVD. I wouldn't mind hearing some director commentary on this but there isn't one.  Of the three films, it's the best; partly because it's more amusing but mostly because it's the shortest.  I recently came across a documentary on Kuchar.  Maybe that'll help me make some sense of his pictures.  Geez, I hope so.

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