Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shivers (1975)

Director: David Cronenberg

Writer: David Cronenberg

Composer: ???, but it's supervised by Ivan Reitman!!!

Starring: Paul Hampton, Joe Silver, Lynn Lowry, Allan Kolman, Susan Petrie, Barbara Steele, Ronald Mlodzik, Barry Baldaro, Camil Ducharme

More info: IMDb

Tagline: T-E-R-R-O-R beyond the power of priest or science to exorcise!

Plot: The residents of a suburban high-rise apartment building are being infected by a strain of parasites that turn them into mindless, sex-crazed fiends out to infect others by the slightest sexual contact.

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Nah.  Twice is fine.

Nice flick!  It starts off with a soothing commercial for an upscale condo community and jumps right into...

Then some dude attacks this school girl ferociously and gets all biology class on her ass.  70s Cronenberg reminds me of 70s Romero.  There's something about how they worked with actors that makes that era of their films special.  Cronenberg made a lot of very good pictures in his first few years and you can definitely spot an early artist coming into his own.  The story might move too slowly for some but I think it works beautifully.  There's plenty of gore, lots of nudity (rarely feeling gratuitous) a good story (think INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1956) mixed with THE HIDDEN (1987)), fine performances and a neat little ending.  It's enough to put back on the 'let's keep watching this' list but I've got tens of thousands of movies to watch and I've already seen this one twice.  It's easily worth a watch so find it and have some fun with a good ole 70s Canadian horror picture.

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