Monday, May 5, 2014

Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot! (1967)

Original title: Se Sei Vivo Spara

Director: Giulio Questi

Writers: Franco Arcalli, Giulio Questi, Maria del Carmen Martinez Roman, Benedetto Benedetti

Composer: Ivan Vandor

Starring: Tomas Milian, Marilu Tolo, Piero Lulli, Milo Quesada, Miguel Serrano, Francisco Sanz, Angel Silva, Sancho Gracia, Mirella Pamphili, Ray Lovelock, Roberto Camardiel, Patrizia Valturri

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Terror from the depths of hell!

Plot: Various factions including a Mexican Bandit, a gang of Homosexual Cowboys and a Priest feud over stolen gold in a surreal town.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again?  After I see the other 500+ Spaghetti Westerns

It's been a good ten years since I last watched this and boy have I forgotten a lot.  I remembered it being very violent but I completely forgot how much it dragged.  It's two hours long and it feels like it.  The violence is great. The bad guys literally shoot women in the back!!!  The Stranger (Milian, looking nothing like he does in most of the pictures he made after this) shoots gold bullets.  After a gunfight, the townspeople cut open one of the dead guys and remove the bullets!  Nice! Ivan Vandor's score is good but the themes are limited as are any variations which adds to the monotony of the picture.  The English dubbing is poor.  I have got to remember to watch this with the Italian dub next time.  I'm sure it's much better. The biggest issue I have with this film is the length.  It's just too long.  The first hour is difficult to get through without taking a break.  The Blue Underground disc looks great and they even threw in a 21 minute retrospective with Milian and a trailer.  I will get around to seeing this again one day but in Italian and after I've gone through a few hundred more Spags.

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