Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Expose of the Nudist Racket (1938)

Director: ???

Writer: ???

Composer: ???

Starring: ???

More info: ???

Plot: Our fanciful, fast-talking narrator takes us through the daily activities of nudists.

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Yes.

I can't find a single piece of information about this picture.  That doesn't matter.  That it exists is enough, I guess. The amusing narrator gives us his machine gun fast commentary, making this 10 minute short fly by.  These nudist films exist not for educating the public but to have an excuse to show nude women under the guise of education as nudity wasn't allowed in mainstream films.  This one, though, is hilarious.

 Say, watch out for that low-hanging fruit!

"Leap frog takes on an added zest!"  

You bet it does, fella!

"Of course all people do not look good in the nude."  

You don't say.

The narration is hilarious and it' spoken in that 30s way that makes it all the more fun. It's a very quick ten minutes so take the time out and give it a watch.  This would probably play great at a, of course.

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