Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cousin Jed Rises Again (1970)

Director: ???

Writer: ???

Composer: ???

Starring: Lilly Foster, Orita De Chadwick, George 'Buck' Flower, Antoinette Maynard, Paul Scharf

More info: IMDb

Plot: When Linda Baby (Foster) and hubby Ken send for her long-lost cousin Jed, a Texas oil millionaire, to help them out of a financial hole, it’s Linda Baby's hole that gets all of her kinsman’s attention. Pretty soon, Maggie (De Chadwick), a cocktail waitress at the local pool hall, is enlisted to bring a few holes of her own to the madcap menage because Jed’s sexual appetite is as big as the Lone Star State and he’s drilling for oil round the clock!

My rating: 3/10

Will I watch it again? No.

Boy was I surprised when I popped this in thinking it was a Hicksploitation picture and it turned out to be a fuck film.  I feel like I got the short end of the stick on that one.

Not that short end.  It's a typically weak softcore flick, clocking in at 53 minutes, that neither delivers the eroticism nor the story.  We were fast forwarding through the tedious sex scenes (but not too fast, see) hoping for something fun in the acting but it's not really there.  The twist at the end was cute but it's hardly anything that could justify everything that came before it.  The twist?

The guy they thought was Jed was just a swindler who, along with his girlfriend, sell their host's furniture and split the money with them.  Then the real Jed shows up.  Hahahaha.  Yawn.  I would have rather this been the Hicksploitation flick I anticipated.  That's what you get sometimes for watching a movie solely on its title and reading nothing about it beforehand.  Lesson not learned.  I'll do it again and again and again...

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