Friday, May 2, 2014

Dirty O'Neil (1974)

Directors: Leon Capetanos, Lewis Teague

Writer: Leon Capetanos

Composer: Raoul Kraushaar

Starring: Morgan Paull, Art Metrano, Pat Anderson, Jeane Manson, Katie Saylor, Raymond O'Keefe, Tommy J. Huff, Bob Potter, Sam Laws, Liv Lindeland, Kitty Carl, Tara Strohmeier, Susan Mclver, Ella Edwards

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Tagline: Women who make the kind of offer a Cop can't refuse! The public servant who serves ... and serves... and serves...

Plot:  A police officer has very little work as there is virtually no crime in his small California town...until three hoodlums appear and rape a young woman.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

Man, this guy gets more tail than James Bond. Seriously, EVERY chick he encounters wants him like he's the last man on earth. I have GOT to join the police force if this is going on.  Geez!  What looked like yet another silly 70s sex comedy turned out to be just that but shockingly not boring.  Sure, there's gratuitous nudity like you'd expect but you also get a bugnuts insane smackdown with the bad guys in the last few minutes that starts with a dude getting stabbed int he dick!

NICE!   It's not a particularly funny film but the actors are likable and the boobs flow like the Ganges River.  There are some unusual moments of seriousness like the above fight and the rape of the woman who works there.  I liked that aspect (the genre mixing, not the rape).  It makes it stand out among the plethora of silly 70s sex comedies.

They should dub the trailer with that great, deep voice-over guy..."In a world...where a goofy, Judge Reinhold-lookin' mother fucker can get any woman he wants.  All it takes is a badge...and a dick...Dirty O'Neil!"

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