Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Beauties and the Beast (1974)

Director: Ray Nadeau

Starring: Jacqueline Giroux, Uschi Digard, Marius Mazmanian, Bob Makay, Patrick Scott, David Wheeler, Susan Wescott

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Tagline: A pleasure weekend turned blood curdling nightmare!

Plot: After a brief description of the legends of Bigfoot by the narrator, this film goes on to show what the hairy monster might really be doing with his time in the woods: watching women get naked and have sex. After spying on a couple of college girls sleeping together in a remote forest cabin, Bigfoot then stumbles across a couple having sex in the woods. After he chases off the man to have a little fun of his own with the woman, the film then leaves Bigfoot to follow the exploits of the two college girls as they encounter a troupe of skinny-dipping hippies and then held captive by some bad dudes with guns.

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again? Nah.

Nuts. I thought this was going to be a serious exploration into the legend of Bigfoot. Not really but it sounded like it could be a silly sexploitation picture that focused on him at least. No dice. Bigfeets is barely in it. Instead it's more about a bunch of free-wheelin' guys and gals that like to skinny dip and get in touch with nature...and each other. That is until a couple of bad guys with guns show up and demand they give back what they stole. Once that happens it's all about escaping these two guys before they rape and kill them.

There's not much going on (surprise) but it is entertaining. I've always had me some love for some Uschi Digard (bottom pic). Not sure why, though. Hmmmmm. She really is fun to watch, and I don't mean that in a piggish way, although she is very reasonable to look at naked. Don't watch this expecting a straight up low budget horror movie and you'll be just fine. And you Bigfoot purists will be disappointed unless you subscribe to the theory that Bigfoot is a voyeur and only wants to watch women frolic in the woods naked, then you'll be elated to see what might be your only evidence that the Peeping Tom Bigfoot exists.

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