Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Soul Snatcher (1965)

Director: H.L. Zimmer

Writer: ???

Composer: ???

Starring: Jo Ann March, Gloria Prince, Hilda Goring, Fred Dennie, Lou Johnson, Scott Peters, Joel Holt, Pam Summers, Valerie Ann, Darlene Bennett, Dawn Bennett, Lou Campa, Marlene Eck, Diane Webster

More info: IMDb

Tagline:  ...He would go to any limit to have her...

Plot: Kathy wants to be the popular girl, to have money, a good looking man by her side, success in all things.  Suddenly a stranger appears and promises her dreams can come true if she wears his special golden shoes and never take them off.  She does, naturally, and her wishes are fulfilled. Eventually she removes the shoes and the stranger returns to foreclose on her debt...WITH HER SOUL!!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

My rating: 3/10

Will I watch it again? Not by myself, if ever.

Sarah Palin, I mean Kathy, is bored and she needs something in her life, something that Satan can provide.

This thirty minute picture surprisingly takes a while to get going with the Satan action.  It's about 13 minutes in when she finally gets the golden shoes that change her life around.  Up until then it's all set-up.  Keep in mind that there's no dialogue, only narration with some groovy lounge music (and classical music) on the soundtrack.  The music is the best thing about this picture.

I don't know why she wants to get rid of the shoes shortly after getting them because she's getting everything she wanted out of life.  When she confronts the strange man (Satan) about giving the shoes back he says he'll take them in exchange for her soul.  Some of this shit doesn't make a lick of sense but it doesn't matter because it turns out she could have been dreaming, or so the narrator implies that could have happened.

There's no real reason to watch this.  Yeah, it's only 30 minutes long but there's very little nudity and it's a bit boring with nothing much happening except seeing Sarah Palin, I mean Kathy, get seduced by the dark side to wear some golden shoes.  And to think that Kathy, I mean Sarah Palin, was at one time running for Vice President.  Maybe this film foretold the work of Satan, I mean Sarah Palin, in mucking around in American Politics.  This might be better than I think.   Nah.  It's just a retarded low budget tease of a film.

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