Friday, November 22, 2013

Liane, Jungle Goddess (1956)

Original title: Liane, das Madchen aus dem Urwald

Director: Eduard von Borsody

Writers: Anne Day-Helveg, Thomas Fough, Ernst von Salomon

Composer: Erwin Halletz

Staring: Marion Michael, Hardy Kruger, Irene Galter, Peter Mosbacher, Rudolf Forster, Reggie Nalder, Rolf von Nauckhoff, Edward Tierney, Reinhard Kolldehoff, Herbert Hubner

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Tagline: This is Liane...a lost child who became savage queen of a black jungle!

Plot: Researchers in the African jungle find a young white woman living with a tribe that adores her as goddess. They carry her off and proudly report to the press. It turns out that she may be Liane, the long lost daughter of the rich ship owner, Amelongen. So Toren starts civilizing her and takes her to Germany, where she, now in love with Toren, has to defend herself against accusations of legacy hunting. Will she fit into her new society?

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

So, will she fit into her new society?  Of course not.  She belongs naked in the jungle.

The picture opens with some jungle action and we soon discover Liane (Marion Michael) in her natural habitat.  It's great watching her run around the jungle and doing her thing but nearly naked.  This is the Tarzan movie we've all been waiting for but there's a catch.  It's less than a half hour into the picture that she's 'captured' and taken to Germany to be trained to conform with society.  And, as you may have guessed, it also means wearing clothes.  Bad idea.

From here until a couple of minutes from the end this is where we are and it's dull.  It's just wrong and cruel to subject us to a film called LIANE, JUNGLE GODDESS only to minutes later pluck her from said jungle and cover those lovely A/B cups up.  By the time we get this just before the end...

it's too little, too late.  The music, however is groovy as shit with that lounge sound that's all kinds of fun.  If there were a soundtrack, I'd listen to it all the time.  But this movie, though, is a one shot at best.  There is a sequel but do I dare watch it?  Of course. 

Goodbye, Jungle Goddess, goodbye.

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